Graviola also known as soursop, cherimoya or guanabana has recently gained popularity in West but has a long history in the ancient herbal treatment and remedies. Many parts of Graviola tree are being used including the fruits, leaves, seeds and barks, each part has its own set of healing benefits.

Graviola benefitsThe Graviola is a small tree usually not more than 10 meters high found in rainforest regions. It is a broadleaf and evergreen tree which produces fruits and flowers. It grows in areas with warm temperatures and high humidity including America, Mexico, Africa, Cuba, and Brazil. It belongs to Muricata species which is classified as Annona subdivision of Annonaceae family.

The Graviola fruits are very tasty and have been used in adding flavor to ice cream, jams, nectars, and juices. Apart from this, the fruits have been used traditionally to fight rickets, its roots, back, and leaves have been used to treat diabetes.

What Graviola extract can be used for?

Graviola extract is the dietary supplement which is 100% pure and natural. Graviola extracts have been seen to relief fever, dysentery, diarrhea, and kills worms and parasites in the digestive tract. Here are some of the Graviola extract uses.

Treating cancer
A study research done by Cancer Research UK reveals that Graviola extract has the ability to kill different types of liver and breast cancer which might be resistant to the chemotherapy drugs. Graviola extract has been known as an anti-cancer extract. It is used as a supportive treatment of breast cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and lymphoma.

According to the International journal of molecular sciences, the Graviola extracts can be used has an active source of an ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities. The suggesting potential for the therapeutic purposes.

Strengthen your immune system
The Graviola extracts have been seen to have a lot of effective properties which are important in keeping your immune system stronger. These present properties are able to kill the free radicals hence insuring that your immune system is at optimum so as to effectively perform its function well such as warding off diseases.

Prevention of osteoporosis
Graviola extracts are very rich in phosphorus and calcium which helps in strengthening the bones and preventing joint and bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Natural cancer treatment with GraviolaPrevention of nerve disease and heart problems
Since Graviola can help in proper circulation of the blood, boost metabolism and prevents nerve damage, you can have a better functioning heart as well as your nervous system will be less likely to get damaged.

Boosting energy levels
The presence of fructose in Graviola extracts makes it an excellent source of energy. Fructose is simple sugars which act as the building blocks of the complex carbohydrates.

Anti- viral properties
Graviola extract is antiviral in nature, therefore, it can be used to treat viral infections including herpes. The genital herpes is an infection which is caused by a simplex virus. It causes painful blisters in the genital area and can affect the mucous membrane.

Graviola is rich in dietary fiber making it very efficient for facilitating digestion of foods.

male breastIn the modern days, men are suffering from certain unwanted conditions. There is no shame that exceeds that of a defected man. Gynecomastia has grown to be a common issue among many men. All of these men are running up and down looking for a cure that can work for them. Many have fallen in the hands of other deceiving men paying for ‘cures’ that don’t work. Some have found the ideal thing though. And that’s gynectrol. You don’t have to hide behind a compression shirt forever when you can have the issue cured naturally. If you ask those who have used the gynectrol pills before, they will tell you it’s the real deal. That’s because it doesn’t gamble around. You are sure of cure and most importantly, bring you some bonus advantages. Here is why the supplement got the crown.

  1. It’s really fast

When men are faced with problems, they want them solved, and fast. Gynectrol doesn’t fail you in that. It delivers the best results and in good time. All you have to do is take your pills as necessary and do your workouts. Your boobs will be gone within weeks. Some claim that they already get results within 2 weeks. Isn’t that best? No man will turn down such a deal especially when it comes at a considerable price.

  1. No much pay needed

Of course, you expect the best products to be pricy. After all, they are worth it. The team that makes the gynectrol supplements mind about their clients. Not only do they make working and reliable supplements, but avail them to all at a cheap price. By cheap I mean that if you compare what you get and pay for the other Gynecomastia treatment options, these pills are relatively the cheapest. A surgery for example will cost you a fortune and healing will take the same time as our pills here. So, I guess you can see what am seeing.

  1. It’s legal and absolutely safe

Safety is not compromised with gynectrol. That’s because the building blocks have their origin from nature. Every ingredient is safe for human consumption. This is not only in the eyes of the manufacturers, but the law as well. You will find the supplement on chemists and pharmacies and no one will dare ask you a question. That’s because gynectrol is just like food products. It is recognized safe for all.

  1. Get more handsome

The beauty of men is the muscles. Your chest muscles make you feel more of an attractive man. Gynectrol will provide the best of such beauty. In its function, it facilitates fat burning and at the same time, builds body muscles.

In general, the gynectrol is the ideal way of having your Gynecomastia treated. No additional therapies are needed after taking your pills.

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Hair graying preventionGraying of hair is assumed to be a sign of great wisdom. It appears mostly at a time when people reach a certain age. But these days, many young people start to grow gray hair that we often wonder what causes premature graying of hair.So we all ask how to stop hair graying?

Graying of hair is a natural process. When a person attains a certain age, the production of melanin by the melanocytes declines. Melanocytes are tiny hair pigment cells within our hair follicles responsible for the hair color pigment. As a person ages, the activity of the melanocyte gradually declines until they stop making pigments, thus resulting to gray hair.

Although all us have a genetically determined time when we get gray hair, there are contributing factors that can lead to early development of gray hair. This can be particularly important to know especially for most young adults where graying hair is often a grave concern.

The main reason why people get gray hair at an early age is due to heredity. If your mom or dad gets gray hair at an early age, most likely you will also grow it at an early age. Another cause of premature graying of hair is prolonged tension, anxiety and stress. Often when a person is more exposed to stress and anxiety, gray hair often appears quickly.

Other conditions that cause hair to gray earlier than normal are:

1. Thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and Graves Disease
2. Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia
3. Vitiligo, a skin condition where the skin looses melanocytes
4. Early menopause
5. Smoking
6. Certain drugs
7. Excessive intake of coffee, tea, and alcohol
8. Excessive intake of fried and oily foods and spices

Gray hair cureNow that we know the causes of premature graying of hair dealing with them directly may help prevent it from occurring.

Here are suggestions to help you prevent premature graying of hair:

1. Eat foods with much protein like meat or cereal or soy and whole grains
2. Eat food rich in iron, minerals and vitamin A and B such as green leafy vegetables, bananas, tomatoes, cereals, and yogurt.
3. Eat food rich in iodine like cereals and fish
4. Use ‘Amla’ – an Indian gooseberry mixed with coconut oil and massage into the scalp regularly.
Add curry leaves to a regular diet to help treat premature graying of hair as curry leaves adds strength and vitality to hair.
5.Use henna to condition hair
6.Massage coconut oil mixed with lemon juice and then scalp every day.
7.Massage scalp and hair with butter made from cows milk
8.Take a cup of strong black tea and a tablespoon of salt and massage into hair and scalp. Leave for an hour and rinse. Do not shampoo until the next day.
9.Proper intake of the following vitamins daily – Vitamin A, B, minerals, and proteins.

Following these tips can help prevent graying of hair, but often time results may vary as graying of hair can be caused by many factors; factors that are sometimes beyond our control like age and heredity. Taking care of oneself and practicing good eating and sleeping habits can help delay the process. Not only can it benefit our overall health, keeping in shape and living a healthy life is our best defense against all health adversity.

If you’re keen on building strong muscles, you’ll need a different women’s bodybuilding diet plan. The precise diet and workout routine may vary significantly and may be confusing, especially to people new to bodybuilding. This is probably because the amount of women in professional bodybuilding is relatively small compared to some men within this sport.

There are a lot of people variations of the bodybuilding diet. However, an essential component stays the same throughout, a standard strength-building exercise building program. In case you are getting the 8-9 hours of sleep that you need to be, then you’ven’t eaten for 8-9 hours…this isn’t good for bodybuilding. Based on your metabolism and just how much fat you need to lose, cardio could be added to your weight training days, loads initially, cardio after. You also need to bring a cardio program. Your diet for a bodybuilder will also be based on your bodybuilding goals.

Bodybuilding is a superb conception for women. It’s not as simple to find that amazing body and fitness, and it does not happen overnight. For such folks, bodybuilding is so demanding the only way for the female bodybuilder to remain alive will be to eat like a glutton. In fact, there’s no against women getting involved in bodybuilding. There’s absolutely no time such as the present to begin, after all; Mr. Olympia was a bodybuilding beginner sooner or later of time!

man_improving_his_muscle_massYou may use bodybuilding to attain whatever you want. Optimistically this guide is going to be a start of a succession of women bodybuilding for beginners. Because bodybuilding is suplementos alimentares para fisiculturismo this kind of advanced lifestyle and exercising it’s difficult to know how to start and feel daunting for the beginner. The most crucial things to know before you jump into bodybuilding is to be aware of the safety suggestions to keep you going and save you from needing to endure any very long term injuries.

Sports supplements are sometimes a foreign aid in your time and effort. Bear in mind that all nutrition programs must indeed be customized for the person. Some dietary fats are excellent for your fitness goals and other dietary fats are extremely dangerous for your fitness as well as your health. In regards to either diet or exercise, no two people follow the similar routine.

natural_breasts_in_a_womanThere are some several cures for breast enhancement (breast augmentation) on the sector, and there truly is not any promise that any one remedy will probably be successful for you. It’s adequately simple to incorporate a couple of breast enhancement methods into your routine.

When looking for the ideal breast enhancement solution, you’re advised to decide on a product which is backed with customer testimonials and money-back guarantee along with having the best ingredients. What a great product BreastFast is overall. Be cautious of some pure breast enhancement goods, especially if there aren’t any customer testimonials or a means to contact the business.

Breast enhancement cream is now more well-known than ever, but a lot of women still choose a surgical procedure. Natural breast enhancement technique is no longer a brand new thing and most likely one of the top options to get around the surgeon’s knife. Though some may choose to undergo a costly breast augmentation where the implant will need to be periodically replaced, others are leaning more towards the all-natural enhancement of their breasts through using natural breast enhancement pills. Many surgeons are competing for clients. Therefore, it ‘s hard to tell which one is keen to select the time to provide you with the optimal/optimally treatment possible meet your breast enhancing needs.

Should you be considering herbal enhancement methods too, you ought to become familiar with important parts of information about these organic breast enhancement solutions. However, although these products say they are all effective, we still have to know the correct ways in selecting the greatest breast enhancement herbal supplement. Upon a deeper investigation into these kinds of products, we found the herbs in several of these formulas were revered for a vast number of years for their capacity to naturally promote breast size as well as firmness. If you’re one of these several women, you are going to want to do a little bit of research online and also see what sorts of breast enhancement products that are accessible in the marketplace currently, and choose which one is going to be right for you.

Since breast enlargement is now this type of favorite topic, a growing number of products are getting to be available for women that are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. An awesome site to visit is which it’s 100% in German. Don’t forget to check out BreastFast and other alternatives. Men and women may benefit from breast enhancement methods which don’t involve surgery. Large and firm breasts are considered the most crucial feature in a woman’s body for years and years. Since you can see, there are many women who are looking for the correct breast enhancement products they can use.

After getting the right all-natural breast enhancement cream, remember to follow instructions about how to apply it. The soreness of the breasts will start following a few days of utilizing the massage cream. The cream must indeed be implemented to your breasts sometimes every day. These may add up to a cup size to your breasts along with the support and lift provided will lessen any sagging.

Breast enhancement creams have the promise of rather little side effects besides minor skin irritation. Breast enhancement creams are sometimes a helpful addition to an all-natural augmentation routine. These breast enhancement capsules have an excellent level of safety profile, so there’s absolutely no need to be worried about unwanted side effects. But as you use these all-natural breast enhancement pills, bear in mind it cannot supply an immediate outcome.

Effects of Anadrol

This medication is an artificial male hormone (androgen or anabolic steroid) used to treat a low red platelet count (paleness). It lives up to expectations by expanding the measure of the hormone (erythropoietin) included in the creation of red platelets.

Because of the danger of genuine, perhaps life-undermining reactions, this pharmaceutical must not be utilized to enhance athletic execution or physical appearance. Oxymetholone does not improve athletic capacity. At the point when utilized as coordinated under therapeutic supervision, the dangers are negligible.

Anadrol 50 is shockingly likewise the most harmful oral steroid. Its admission can bring about numerous extensive symptoms. Since it is I 7-alpha alkylated it is extremely liver-harmful. Most clients can expect certain patho-sensible changes in their liver values after give or take one week. An increment in liver estimations of both the proteins GOT and GPT likewise called transaminases regularly can’t be maintained a strategic distance from. Lifted GOT and GPT qualities are evidences of hepatitis, i.e. a liver disease. The individuals who cease oxymetholone will as a rule show typical values inside of two months. Longer admission and/or higher dosages can bring about a yellow staining of fingernails, eyes, or skin 0aundice). This is on account of oxymetholone impels an increment of biliburin in the liver, delivering a bile color which causes the yellow staining of the skin. The liver protein gamma-GT additionally responds delicately to the oxymetholone, making it lift. On the off chance that high doses of Anadrol 50 have assumed control more than a long stretch, there is an expanded danger that the de-scribed liver changes could wind up harming the liver. Amid the admission of Anadrol 50, the liver qualities, GOT, GPT, bilirubin, gamma- – GT and antacid phosphatase (AP), and in addition the LDH/HBDH quo-tient, ought to dependably be checked by an able doctor. Anadrol 50 (speaking to all oxymetholone-containing steroid items) is the main anabolic/androgenic steroid which was connected with liver growth.

The compound oxymetholone effectively changes over into estrogen. This reasons indications of feminization (e.g. gynecomastia) and the as of now – said water maintenance, which thusly requires the admission of antiestrogens (e.g. Nolvadex and Proviron) and an expanded utilization of diuretics (e.g. Lasix) before a rival. The expanded water re-tention, notwithstanding the aesthetical issues, can be further detri-mental since it may bring about hypertension. In great cases the admission of a hostile to hypertensive medication, e.g. Catapresan, may be necessary. Oxymetholone doesn’t change over to dihydrotestosterone. On the other hand, it is a strong androgen. Meat heads who experience extreme steroid skin inflammation brought on by Anadrol can get this issue under control by utilizing the physician recommended medication Accutane.

Other conceivable reactions may incorporate cerebral pains, queasiness, regurgitation, stomach hurts, absence of longing, a sleeping disorder, and looseness of the bowels. The competitor can expect an inclination of “general indisposition” with the in-take of Anadrol which is totally as opposed to Dianabol which passes on a “feeling of prosperity”. The expanded aggressiveness is brought on by the subsequent abnormal state of androgen and happens for the most part when vast amounts of testosterone are “shot” simultaneously with the Anadrol. The body’s own particular creation of testosterone-one is impressively lessened subsequent to Anadrol has a hindering impact on the hypothalamus, which thus totally diminishes or stops the arrival of GnRH (gonadotropin discharging hormone). Therefore the admission of testosterone-empowering mixes, for example, HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin – and Clomid is totally important to fundamental train the hormone creation in the testes.

Achieving a manly chest with gyno pillsIntroduction

Gynectrol is a supplement that is commonly used to counteract a condition known as Gynecomastia / man boobs.

Gynecomastia is medical condition that is characterized by swelling of breast tissues in men. It’s caused by imbalance in levels of testosterone and estrogen, and may affect both breasts in uneven proportions or just one breast.

The use of Gynectrol is popular among bodybuilders and athletes who are more prone to suffering from the condition. This is because in their quest to enhance physical appearance, they ingest steroids which supply their systems with excess estrogen.

Gynecomastia therefore occurs when there’s an upset of a man’s hormonal balance.

The supplement works by counteracting conversion of estrogen (thus resulting in restoration of hormonal balance) and permanently reducing the enlarged breasts in men.

How do the pills work?

The pills are formulated with a synergetic and powerful combination of effective ingredients which specifically target the breasts’ subcutaneous adipose tissue, which get rid of all traces of the condition completely.

How effective are Gynectrol pills?

The pills are extremely effective because they contain six important and active ingredients; Chromium, Sclareolides, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Guggulsterones and Theobromine Cacao.

Chromium plays an important role in maintaining the body’s insulin function at optimum levels, which is important for staying lean and building muscles.

Sclareolides has unique properties that help in burning unwanted fat. It also stimulates production of testosterone, which effectively counter the conversion of estrogen.

Caffeine helps in boosting the rate of metabolism and also enhances the rate of lipolysis (process through which fat is discharged from cells).

Green Tea Extract is responsible for producing antioxidants, flavonoids and alkaloids (this is why green tea is one of the main ingredients in most fat loss medications).

Guggulsterones ingredient plays an important role of stimulating the thyroid glands, thus resulting in enhanced metabolism as well as inducement of direct catabolic effects on fatty tissues.

Theobromine Cacao is rich in amino acids which are responsible for muscle generation. It’s also rich in magnesium, a metal which promotes overall health of the cardiovascular system.

When should the pills be used?

Bodybuilders who consume any supplements or steroids which boost testosterone beyond normal levels are at great risk of having enhanced estrogen conversion, the primary cause of man boobs/ gynecomastia.

Such bodybuilders ought to add Gynectrol into their regular nutrition and fitness regimen so as to counter the enhanced estrogen conversion.


Use of Gynectrol is highly recommended for men who suffer from enlarged man boobs, a condition that causes serious psychological and emotional problems because of altered physical appearance.

It produces results within a few days and doesn’t cause damage to the liver or kidneys.

If you are reading this article, then you are interested in improving your health and taking care of your body. This is a step in the right direction since you are born with only one body, so you need to take care of it if you want to have a long and happy life. So, with that said, we will now look at a few tips to help you live a healthier life.

The first tip that can greatly contribute to improving your digestion, skin, mood and increase a number of nutrients that your body gets is to start juicing. This is Xtrasize basically where you use a juicer to juice a variety of leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables to create a health drink. Juicing is an excellent way to give your body a quick shot of vitamins and minerals that it needs to be healthy and run at its optimal levels. Best of all, there are thousands of different fruit and vegetable combinations that you can try so make sure to have a few of these natural juices a few times per week.

Another tip that will help you to improve your health is to start simply going to the gym and weight lifting. Lifting weights is extremely beneficial for men and can help you to boost your natural testosterone, increase your muscle mass and get an amazing physique. Weight lifting and cardiovascular workouts will help you to shed any extra pounds which will go a long way in improving your overall health and appearance.

a_healthy_man_on_his_primeNext, stress is a silent killer for many men and can cause a variety of health problems. We all have stress in our lives whether it be from our jobs, home life, bills, etc. However, to be healthier, you xtrasize prix need to learn how to manage your stress so that it doesn’t cause any harmful physical effects. Some common ways of reducing stress include hanging out with friends, meditating, reading, going on mini-vacations, etc.

Lastly, to improve your health you have to improve your diet. This means that you should focus on eating more home cooked meals and avoiding foods that are high in fat, sodium and excess calories. You should also reduce your intake of sugary foods and snacks and instead eat lots of fruits and nuts as a substitute.

In closing, we have just looked at a few ways that men can improve their health. You will need to be consistent in your efforts before you feel the benefits but once you do, I’m Xtrasize sure you’ll never return to your previous lifestyle.

If you are a male and are interested in improving your personal health and well-being, then you should continue reading. The truth is, many men and women are suffering from poor lifestyle choices such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and much more.

However, you don’t have to be a statistic if you actively Xtrasize work on improving your lifestyle and health. So, in this article, we will be looking at a few ways that you can improve your health and reduce your risk of developing any lifestyle diseases.

The first thing you need to do is analyze your life to determine what is wrong. This means that you should pay attention to the type of foods you typically eat, how much you sleep, your daily activity levels, your stress levels, etc.

a_very_happy_man_using_xtrasizeUnfortunately, many men have a tendency to eat a lot of unhealthy processed foods and fast foods while being sedentary most of the time. This is typically due to the modern lifestyle where we sit in an office at work all day and then when we go home, end up sitting all night watching TV or the computer.

So, if this sounds like your current lifestyle, you will have to make some changes. The first change is that you will have to cut out or drastically xtrasize reduce how many processed, fried and fast foods that you eat. This means that you will have to reduce or stop eating pizza, fried chicken, and chips, frozen meals, sugary snacks, etc. Instead, you should replace those unhealthy foods with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats and healthy sources of carbohydrates.

Therefore, a typical meal that you should be eating would be brown rice, grilled chicken and mixed vegetables. It is essential that you have a mix of all the food groups to get all the nutrients your body needs. In addition to eating better, you should also reduce how much soda you drink and switch to water.

Lastly, to get even healthier, you should exercise at least three times per week. In addition to doing cardiovascular exercises, you should also do some weight training in order to boost your metabolism, increase muscle mass and raise your natural testosterone.

In closing, we have just covered a few tips that will improve your general health. Once you turn the above tips into a lifestyle, you will be surprised at how your life will transform.

personal_blogI don’t know how you got here, but thank you for coming. This is gonna be my personal blog where I’m gonna be expresing myself and all the ramdom ideas that come to my mind.

But don’t worry, I will do it in a fun way. You know, to make you have a good laugh. Trust me, you’re gonna enjoy visiting this site. And just for the fun of it, check out this article I found the other day. It reads funny, but still very interesting:

A few weeks ago and I came across this article that talks about the incorporation of software to the automotive world. Article warns of the complexity that we are achieving with the new vehicles and advanced features as: automatic driving vehicles, sensors, telecommunications, etc.

Precisely these days Ford announced that transformed: a company that manufactured and marketed vehicles, a company that offers mobility solutions. Challenging it, we have to occupy and concern to humans in the coming years / decades. Ford, at all costs, want to avoid the Kodak case: the digital transformation of the industry does not want to eat. Thus, Ford has now launched projects to collect data on consumption habits and experiment with solutions. What holds for these projects and the strategic reorientation? Interesting move.

There are two foci by betting Ford in terms of mobility solutions is concerned: the phenomenon of car-sharing and autonomous cars. In these mobility models, data, preventive maintenance, predicting demand for vehicle fleets in areas and times in a city, etc. It becomes fundamental. That is, the usual suspects in terms of enabling digital paradigms concerns: Big Data, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, etc.

Therefore, it is already a truism that software will play a key role in this. Along with the hardware and networks are key pillars on which pivots the digital transformation of many industries. We are already facing the most sophisticated machines on the planet. 100 million lines of code incorporated new vehicles (compared to 60 million lines have Facebook and 5 million lines has the Hadron Collider, to be made to the idea of ??the complexity of that habalmos). We are facing the first machines are reaching the limits of biological complexity. Which is fine: more security, route optimization to avoid wasting time, automatic brakes, etc.

What is the problem? Party has brought to light the case of Volkswagen. Each has more software in vehicles, effectively improves performance and makes us more confident in driving our driving experience, etc. But also it makes it easier to handle part of its operation. And, as usual, when this software is proprietary, it is a black box, the user does not know what he does, what processes, what decision-making, etc.

And this obviously brings another problem. Perhaps a more ethical dimension. More vehicles each of the leading manufacturers called to review by a problem with the software. Volkswagen’s case is just one more (though this has been exacerbated because the review involves other partners scandals). In July 2015, Ford revised 432,000 vehicles for a software problem that caused the vehicle could go on despite being off. Toyota, in August 2015, 625,000 vehicles checked by other software problem that turned off the hybrid system of their vehicles when they were being led.

As for the opening of this “delicate” software. Tesla, a company that offered $ 10,000 who encountered problems of security in their software. A company that opened its software because it would strongly be better to improve the same thought. And thus, it has become a case study of open innovation and global and collective contribution to this sensitive issue is the software. In addition, experts and programmers could audit the software search for improvements and problems.

What can happen if we are not gambling? Rob Kitchin, Maynooth College, talking about the Big Data, ever alert to two risks: 1) It is used as a control and surveillance technology; 2) Make it a mechanism of employment discrimination, criminal or consumers. No today is the day to discuss these challenges on Big Data, but to extrapolate his thesis before us. What fears have to be the “industry” that control as sensitive as our cars software issue? Well that may occur these same events of discrimination, for example. What if one day you decide to spend a mark pattern data of driving that I have my insurance and start making money with that data? This is something that insurance companies have long been craving and doing. And here, there may be a phenomenon of discrimination, even to reject want to assure people or “dangerous” profiles. And if you know something about my driving style or routes I take, a manufacturer, it moves the data to my company, and my company decides to do without me for these reasons? A case of discrimination. Interesting

As he warned in a previous article talking about ICT and education, always concerned about the developments that are led and driven primarily by industry. Nobody else control or audit? The software is a delicate and complex matter. Take a spin around.